Yoga 101: It can be intimidating to start something new and human beings always want to be the best we can be. If you are looking to explore what yoga is about, sign up for this three class introductory session.  We will explore: yoga terminology, most common poses, class structure and how to begin a home practice.  Package also includes your own yoga mat and blocks. 

Three class plan: $250
Five class plan: $350

Yoga Fundamentals: You’ve been practicing yoga for a while now but you want to spend some time breaking down the poses to ensure you are doing them right. 

Three x 60 min class package: $180
Three x 40 min class package: $120

Building a Home Practice: You love yoga, can’t get enough of it but can’t afford the price of a studio class. The fundamentals of building a home practice including recommendations of on line resources and one class plan for your home practice. 

$75 a session

  • Add ons:
    • Yoga mat and blocks: $50
    • $60 per follow up session
    • $40 for additional class plans